Taking Financial Ownership

stnce FAQ

What is the core purpose of stnce?

Our mission is to inspire women to confidently take ownership of their finances, through open and informative conversations. We believe everyone benefits when women are self-reliant, self-assured, and well-informed about their financial affairs.

How is stnce related to EQ Bank?

stnce is powered by EQ Bank, a trademark of Equitable Bank. stnce was founded by Kim Kukulowicz, Senior Vice-President of Residential Sales at Equitable Bank. The bank provides the funding for stnce, and our team is made up of bank employees.

How long has stnce been around?

stnce was launched at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference in 2017.

What do I get when I join stnce?

When you join stnce, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts on our in-person and virtual events, promo codes from our partners, and a regular roundup of our latest educational articles.

Why confidence?

When the concept of stnce first came up at EQ Bank, we put together focus groups both inside and outside of the bank. We had respondents answer five financial knowledge questions and then surveyed them on their confidence in their responses. The financial literacy gap between women and men was only 11%, however, the confidence gap was approximately 60%.

There are so many financial literacy movements out there, and we do not feel we are in competition with any of them. In fact, we believe we have found the missing ingredient: confidence. We saw there was an opportunity to support women by helping them build their confidence, so we started there.

Why is there no a in stnce?

We identify with the power pose of hands on hips and feet wide apart, but at the same time we recognize that confidence is a work-in-progress, and that sometimes, we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The “a” in our name isn’t missing – we’re saving the space for you!

What are some first steps I can take to improve my confidence with finances?

You’ve already taken the first step, just by being here! Our research found that the financial literacy gap between women and men is only about 11%, whereas the confidence gap is almost 60%. We feel that the first step to improving your financial confidence is by owning the knowledge you already have!

Another important step in improving your financial knowledge is to ask questions. It is estimated that 90% of women will be the sole financial decision maker at some point in their lives, yet there is an unfortunate taboo surrounding asking questions when it comes to personal finance. Asking is a big part of learning, so let’s shatter this taboo!

Can stnce provide me with financial advice?

We offer a safe space where you can feel confident improving your financial knowledge. We are a judgement-free zone! Our articles are all written by experts in their particular financial field, so you know you’re getting the #RealTalk. And because we’re an online resource hub, you are free to browse and learn in your own time.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Head on over to our Ask the Expert page, and submit the form to ask a question of your own to one of our trusted advisors.

I don’t identify as female. Can I still join?

Absolutely. stnce is a safe space to learn. We welcome people of all genders to join stnce, and believe everyone benefits when we are self-reliant, self-assured, and well-informed about our financial affairs. Our research showed us there was an opportunity to support women by helping them build their confidence, so we started there.

How can my male colleagues, husband, or partner get behind the cause?

If we want to improve financial confidence, we need the participation and support of all genders to succeed. Leaving men out of the discussion can lead to them not necessarily understanding the issues at play. By making financial confidence an inclusive discussion, we can ensure people of all genders feel confident addressing these issues in their own lives and with their loved ones.

It is important for everyone to recognize there is a disparity and to commit to bettering it.

How can I connect with stnce?

You can connect with us through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email at stnce@eqbank.ca.

Where can I find info about your events or workshops?

All of our past and upcoming events are on our events page.

How can I submit an article to be published on stnce?

Hello fellow bloggers! If you’re interested in contributing an article for stnce, reach out to us with your pitch at stnce@eqbank.ca.

How can I get involved?

Don’t keep us a secret! Now that you know who stnce is, share us with the women in your life who could use some financial #RealTalk. We know you know someone! Take what you need, and pass it on. That’s what women supporting women looks like.

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