Taking Financial Ownership

stnce – Powered by EQ Bank

stnce is a movement that empowers women to confidently take ownership of their finances through open and informative conversations. A movement that prioritizes education, empowerment and financial ownership … powered by a bank? Yes, really.

stnce started with some everyday conversations within the walls of Equitable Bank, (EQ Bank is the digital arm of Equitable Bank). Kim Kukulowicz, Senior Vice President of Residential Sales noticed an interesting trend when talking to her female colleagues. Almost across the board, many of her colleagues, despite having extensive banking backgrounds, shared a hesitation, or a lack of interest in their own personal finances. Something didn’t seem right to Kim, and she set up a committee in the bank to open this conversation. The findings were surprising. Some left the finances up to their spouses, and others had no knowledge of the money they held in investments.

Kim pitched the original plan of a financial empowerment initiative to Equitable Bank CEO, Andrew Moor, and he was on board immediately, making a five year commitment to stnce within the bank. While stnce is entirely funded by EQ Bank, and all members of the team are bank employees, the group also works with many industry experts and personal finance leaders to help spread financial empowerment message in an open and objective way.

“Equitable Bank is Canada’s Challenger Bank. That means we are disrupters, we challenge the status quo. We like to examine the way things operate and think ‘how can we make this better’? The bank saw a gap in women’s financial confidence and worked to fill it, says stnce founder, Kim Kukulowicz.

Upon examining the research that led to the inception of stnce, the team discovered some interesting statistics.

  • 73% of women are unhappy with the financial services industry1
  • 90% of women will be the sole financial decision maker in their lives2
  • 61% of women did well on a financial literacy test, however only 30% of these women were financially confident3
  • Women historically outlive men, and 80% of Canadian women switch financial advisors within a year of their husband’s death4

These statistics are impossible to ignore, especially for a solutions-oriented, customer-first bank. There’s a much needed shift happening in the financial space, and EQ Bank is eager to be part of that with stnce. It’s up to us to make banking a more inclusive space.

EQ Bank believes it is incumbent upon them to promote financial literacy not just during Financial Literacy Month, but all year round. With stnce, we’ve established an everlasting movement that makes taking financial ownership relatable, refreshing and honest.

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