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Take Back Talk Back Episode 4 – The Hustle

Sarah Stockdale, Founder and CEO, Growclass

Sarah Stockdale, Founder, Growclass

In our fourth episode, we chat with Sarah Stockdale about how women can become their best, empowered selves within their careers. We touch on what ‘hustle’ culture looks like, whether that differs from other genders, creating inclusive workplaces, and how women can succeed in traditionally male dominated fields. Click here for the full episode.

Our top three takeaways from Sarah Stockdale:

Adios, acronyms!

“When it comes to financial advisors or even, you know, a lot of the time … even in my industry with things like putting together an SEO strategy or hiring an agency, the bad ones try to confuse you. Like if you come out of a meeting that’s been full of acronyms and full of cloudy language, those are not people you want to work with. You want to work with someone who can break it down to a kindergartner and explain it to them, because that means they really know what they’re talking about … If you’re using all of this kind of funny language, is are you compensating for something? So I’m very much a proponent of no acronyms, simple, simple language. If you can’t break it down for a kindergartner, you probably don’t know it well enough to be teaching it or advising on it.” – Sarah Stockdale

Collaboration over competition

“If I think you’ve done something incredible, I’m more likely to just admire that and want to hang out with you and be your friend and learn from you than I am going to want to make you my competition because you know the people we admire, the people we are, maybe the people who trigger your jealousy. Those are the people who you are most interested in having a life like their life. And they are the person who has the most information on how to do that. So why would you see that as anything more than inspiration and get really excited to kind of dig in and learn as much as you can about that person? So I feel really lucky that I’ve I have those people in my life and I’m constantly trying to cultivate more relationships like that. But I think if everyone kind of shifted from, you know, jealousy to admiration to camaraderie, we do we’d all be a little bit better off and in our careers and our businesses.” – Sarah Stockdale

It’s ok to not have all the answers

“I work in education, now in tech, and there’s an arrogance to thinking that you have the answer to every question, especially even with students … If I don’t know, I’m not going to make something up. Such arrogance. And it’s something that I learned from Tim Ryan, who is my boss at Tilt. When I first started when I first was growing my team, I had this and I think it was an overcompensation thing, but I wasn’t good at saying that I didn’t know something. So when someone on my team would ask me, I would always be able to come up with an answer. And it didn’t necessarily mean it was the right answer. It just meant that, like, I felt like I needed to have all of the answers. And Tim, I remember him taking me aside and saying, it’s OK to say that you don’t know. It’s OK to say that you’re going to get back to someone on something. It’s OK to be completely honest and say, you know, we haven’t thought through that yet. And I think part of that was being one of the only women in a leadership position. I was really pushing myself to always have that confidence and always have those answers. But, you know, there’s a lot of strength in being able to say that you don’t know so that you can get the best information for that person possible. And you’re not just kind of BSing your way through it. And I think in the education game, like for for Growclass, I have, you know, different instructors teaching the things that they’re the best at because there would also be an arrogance to me saying that I know how to do all of these things at an expert level because I, I don’t. And anyone who says they do is lying or selling something. So I’m bringing in the right people at the right times that can help and bring that expertise that’s going to really move your organization forward. I think having the you know, the humility to say, like, I am not the best person for this, I need help, that’s just going to make you stronger as a person and your organization stronger.” – Sarah Stockdale

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