Taking Financial Ownership

$pring Clean Your $pace: Challenge Wrap-Up

Now that April is over and spring has settled in, does your financial space feel refreshed?

There’s no amount of spring cleaning too small when it comes to letting your finances breathe, so anything you were able to achieve this month is definitely a step in the right direction.

Let’s take a look back at how your rigorous scrubbing brought some monetary sparkle to your life.


Remove Financial Clutter

If you managed to consolidate some accounts, cards, or rewards programs, you’ve done yourself a big favour in terms of simplifying your life and better yet, cutting down on potential interest rates and fees. This will all add up in the long run and bolster your financial future; well done!


Streamline and Organize

Any effort to organize and streamline is a positive step towards managing your finances with confidence. So whether you switched from paper bills and went digital, downloaded previous statements for your records, or set up automated payments, salute yourself for making things a little easier.


Maximize Security

If you spent the month getting organized with electronic statements, automated billing and online banking, we hope you had a chance to prepare for the unexpected when it comes to the modern world of finances. Changing your passwords and backing up your files is a great way to end the month. Why? Because if you keep it up, you’ll gain some peace of mind as it becomes part of your financial lifestyle. That’s a big win in anyone’s books.


Clearing Your Debt

It’s not uncommon for the debt-clearing process to be a long-term endeavour, but you can use the progress you made this month as a stepping stone to build upon. Did you organize your debt into categories? Develop a payment schedule? Maybe you even made a dent in your debt by cancelling subscriptions or selling things you no longer need. Whatever you accomplished you’re one step closer to developing healthy financial habits; keep it up!


Is Financial Spring Cleaning Season Over?

Is it ever? Taking financial ownership is a continuous effort, but that also means you’ll experience continual benefits. A clean and organized financial life is a form of self-care that will not only make things easier, it will make you feel more confident too. This is especially true when you see how it gradually allows your financial goals to click into place.

Whatever your long-term monetary plans, you’re now better poised to hit all your milestones and step into the future you’ve been dreaming of. In the meantime, put away the and check off this month’s challenge as complete!

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