Taking Financial Ownership

May Challenge Check-In: Map Your Money Thought Patterns

This month’s challenge is all about taking a little time to think about our relationship with money. How does money make you feel? And how do those feelings impact your financial decisions?


Hiding in Plain Sight

We kicked off the challenge with a brainstorming exercise to uncover our immediate thoughts with a word storm. After writing the word “money” in the center of a page and jotting down every word that followed, we found ourselves poring over some interesting results. Our analysis led to some surprising discoveries that left us with a question:

Is it just us, or are you feeling this too?


The Currency Collective

After some “word storm” sharing within the team at Stnce, we found we had more in common than we realized!

Some communal areas were:







It was reassuring to find out we’re not alone when it comes to how we think about our finances. Even with the overlapping thought bubbles, we became aware that every one of us is different and unique.

It makes us wonder: if some of our thoughts about money are shared and some of our thoughts are distinct, isn’t it enough to start a conversation about owning our

What we learned when starting this exercise was that while we might tend to distance ourselves from our relationship with money, we also largely view it as a personal topic that can border on taboo, even in discussions with people we trust

It sounds like we’re prone to keeping financial matters close to our chest. But in doing so, we might be missing out on the helpful experience of sharing.

Not to mention that if we plugged this all into a currency app, chances are it would show us how sharing converts into caring.

So isn’t it time to cash in on this great exchange?


Money Buddies, Unite!

Before you begin the sharing process, revisit your word storm by focusing on the themes you discovered when you did your first analysis. Think about how those words tied into monetary moments you’ve experienced since then. How has the awareness affected you? Has anything changed since?

As you consider these new questions, grab a money buddy, a pen, and some paper.

Because word-storming thrives as a team sport too.

Your money buddy might wonder if the topic’s too personal but once you remind them you are right there with them, they’ll find that they have plenty to discover as well.

When your partner finishes the word storm and identifies their major themes (Saving? Investing? Something new we haven’t mentioned?), swap your results and discuss! This open exchange of both positive and negative feelings will help create a supportive environment for taking financial ownership.

In the meantime, keep up with new articles at Stnce like our latest “Ask Lisa” column, and we’ll be back at the end of the challenge to see how you did!

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