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Challenge 004: Map Your Money Thought Patterns

We spend a lot of time focusing on our relationship with people, but there isn’t always enough emphasis placed on looking inward to shine a light on our relationship with money.

We all know the clichés that tell you money shouldn’t matter, whether it’s “money can’t buy happiness” or “the best things in life are free”. Even if these pearls of wisdom hold some truth, money impacts our livelihood by giving us real opportunities to improve our lot.

Let’s get mapping.

When was the last time you thought about how money affects you?

This month, we’re focusing on mental health by challenging you to analyze your money thought patterns.

Prepare for some pondering.

It starts as simply as taking a few moments to think about how money makes you feel. It’s a process that’s rarely examined, since so often money is the functional tool driving the experiences that can add to or take away from our overall wellness.

Just by thinking about it then, you might uncover something you didn’t realize until now. And there’s no better time than the present.

Brainstorm = word storm

Go ahead and brainstorm freely with a word storm. All you need is a blank page and a good old fashioned pen. Once you’ve written the word “money” in the middle, let your freeform thoughts find their flow.

  • What does money remind you of?
  • How does it make you feel?

Map Your Money Thought Patterns

Don’t be intimidated by the blank page, as anything you uncover and record will be helpful. After giving it your best effort, make some quick notes on your discoveries:

  • What were the most significant words?
  • Could any of them be grouped together?
  • How did the words play out in any money-related scenarios that followed?

In our mid-month check-in, we’ll help you reassess your discoveries to see if anything’s changed in your mindset. We’ll also feature some insights from experts to help you with future steps to building a healthy relationship with money.

In the meantime, write up a storm without limits and take some time to breathe. You’re now on a safer journey to understanding the way you think about money.


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