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June Challenge Check-In: Re [Imagine. Invent. Invest.

Summer’s in flight and we’re eager to know one thing:

What was it like to bask in feel-good summer moments without buying a single thing?

(You didn’t think we’d forget the challenge kick-off, did you?)

If you’re anything like us, you immersed yourself in fun surroundings, lived in the moment with people you care about, and ended the day with a pocket full of memories to go with your extra savings.


Keep the magic alive

We hope you’ll be inspired to have more feel-good moments, and to give you some ideas for future bask-intensive, no-spend occasions, here are some of the favourite days the team at stnce enjoyed:


We recruited some neighours, shared the ingredients of our fridges in a group chat, and gathered up the best stuff for a BBQ in the park! It was probably the best picnic we’ve ever had” Malika E., Copywriter

I’d always heard about those free city walking tours, and my family and I finally did one in a neighbourhood we’d never explored! It was eye-opening and lots of fun” — Nerissa M., Creative Services Manager

“I went to the beach, with friends, snacks and a volleyball. Didn’t spend a cent but had an amazing day!” — Sarah Z., Event Specialist


Feeling good, re-invented

Now that we’ve covered perfect summer moments, there’s still our everyday routines to consider.

(Oh, that.)

The good news is we can still make the “everyday” something to enjoy, by focusing on wellness and re-inventing how we get there.

A big part of wellness no matter the time of year is physical activity. For many of us, that comes in the form of gym memberships, boot camp, and class-passes to every form of yoga in the mindfulness handbook.

But what if we put the classes on pause but reaped the benefits in a no-spend way? It’s summer, after all, and those endorphins you’re getting from your workout at the gym can be gained just by venturing outside your door! Biking, a long hike, an evening jog, there a lot of ways to burn calories and save money when we re-invent our routine.

The same can be said of something as routine as the morning beverage that kicks off a busy day. Whether it’s coffee, something frothy or a detox juice, most of us have an allowable expense that gives us our daily burst of energy.

But what if we could get that goodness before we even walk out the door? Whether it’s letting the coffee drip to perfection while you’re taking a shower, or using the blender that’s been gathering dust to make a vitamin-rich smoothie, you can keep your well-being high on the list without the daily drain on your savings.

But wait, there’s more.

It’s about time, and how you’ve just earned yourself a venti-sized return.


Re-invest your extra time

If you can’t yet see your return on time, we’ll show you how to wind back the clock.

First let’s talk about the gym, boot camp, or any number of classes that might currently make up your weekly routine. How long does it take to get there? How much time do you spend waiting for an available machine? How early do you get to your class to find a good spot? And how long do you wait for the instructor to start?

Whatever the calculation, take all that time and give it back to yourself, before re-investing it in worthwhile things like taking extra time for your scenic hike, or having a pleasant chat with your friend before you go on a bike ride for two.

The same math applies to your morning beverage. Subtract all the time spent waiting in line and waiting for your drink. Now take those minutes and re-invest them in quality time with your loved ones, a book, or even just your mind while you do some meditation.

Now that you’ve got some strategies for re-inventing your day-to-day for a bonus in savings and time, use them to give your financial goals and wellness a healthy boost.

We’ll be back in the challenge wrap-up to see how you did and share our own math for how we used our return on time. In the meantime, check out our latest op-ed on living your dream!


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