Taking Financial Ownership

Challenge 005: Re [Imagine. Invent. Invest.

The warmer weather means June is here, and it also means it’s the halfway point on this year’s financial goals.

So how are things looking?

If you need a minute to think about your answer you’re not alone, since it’s easy to get immersed in a season full of patios, sunshine, and the quest to wrap up deadlines before the countdown to holiday bliss.

So how do we keep our financial goals in the picture when the heat is on?


A fresh perspective

After dark winter months and cold rainy nights, there’s an eagerness to burst out of the dreary doldrums and soak up the sunshine the first chance we get.

(Are we right, stncers?)

More often than not, this joyous emergence involves summer concerts, pay-to-play food festivals, family time at theme parks, and coveted tables on restaurant patios.

With all the excursions and positive vibes, you might not notice individual costs piling up. It’s the sort of thing that can leave a mid-year dent in your overall financial plan.

But what if you could have your fun and keep your savings too?


Re-imagine summer fun

For many, the best parts of shifting from spring to summer involve spending time outside, enjoying delicious meals and sharing quality time with loved ones.

But at what added cost?


That wasn’t a glitch in the Matrix. We actually just said “none.”

Think of your happiest moments from balmy seasons past. Chances are, the most vivid memories had more to do with emotions and less to do with admission costs. So how do we hold on to that feel-good rush without the savings rushing out of our bank accounts?

If you’re struggling to map out your spend-free summer agenda, we’ve got an example to get you inspired!


Put your spending on ice

Scenario: it’s the weekend, and you’re eager to spend a day outside with your family or closest friends.

Before you go, don’t forget to take your sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, wallet —

Hold on.

Take your cash, debit card and credit card and freeze them into a block of ice.

If that seems too extreme, you could also leave these items on the kitchen counter — it’s really up to you — but the point is to stretch your mind into planning out a day where you don’t have to spend any money.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Open the fridge and see what items you can use to make a tasty picnic
  • Head out to the lake with frisbees and playing cards in tow
  • Swing by a local festival with free admission (check out blogs for your nearest city — there’s always something)

The details are up to you, but the challenge is the same for us all:

Let’s spend a day basking in feel-good summer moments without buying a single thing.

In our challenge check-in we’ll share the best spend-free activities we found, before we dive into fulfilling ways to re-invent and re-invest our time.

In the meantime, check out our latest Ask Lisa column and our relatable Mind Over Money op-ed!

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