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June Challenge Wrap-Up: Re [Imagine. Invent. Invest.


Our challenge might be wrapping up, but summer’s just getting started. As we prepare to soak up a season full of memorable moments and fun, we hope your mind is rich with ideas to have a blast, save some money, and earn back priceless quality time.


These savings are reserved

A “reserved” sign might be a letdown when it comes to finding restaurant tables, but in the area of money matters, any time we can reserve some funds, it’s something to add into the win column.

At the start of the challenge, we put our minds to re-imagining ways to have summer fun without spending any money. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that the main components of a great summer day are the feel-good vibes and the people who come along for the ride.

From making a picnic out of food in our fridge, to seasonal festivals that don’t cost a dime, we entertained ourselves while giving our savings a well-earned rest.

It was a great start, and things got even better when we figured out how to reserve our money through the course of everyday life.


Re-inventing the routine

Coffee, gym classes, a recovery smoothie — these are things that are a part of our regular routine and add to our overall wellness. They’re the sorts of costs we can live with, but when we thought about re-inventing our routine to retain even more of our savings — we were on it in a cardio heartbeat.

This second part of our challenge had us finding new ways to feel good on an everyday basis. From swapping out boot camp for a rigorous hike to enjoying our coffee at home while getting ready for work, the new routine was flowing while the money stayed put in our bank account.

And then things got even better.


A healthy return on time

What is time?

It’s the topic hotly debated by physicists, and it’s also the thing we wish we could have more of as we go about our daily lives.

We can’t really speak for the physicists, but we made an exciting discovery of our own when we found that re-inventing our routine also gave us back some time.

How much time exactly? For our team here at stnce, it went like this:


By jogging at the park a few times instead of driving fifteen minutes each way to the gym, I saved an hour and a half in just one week! I used it to catch up on a book I’d been meaning to finish.” — Malika E., Copywriter

Instead of yoga where I always arrive fifteen minutes early to get a good spot, I started biking with a friend twice a week. In the first week I gained back half an hour for meditation, and used the bike rides as catch up sessions with my friend.” — Nerissa M., Creative Services Manager

I used to wait in line at least fifteen minutes for made-to-order detox smoothies, but with the fruits now in season and a blender I have in my kitchen I decided to make them at home. I saved over an hour in just one week, and used it to spend some quality time with a friend I hadn’t seen in years.”   — Sarah Z., Event Specialist


Savings add up just as quickly as minutes, and our team did a great job of racking up both on their way to getting a healthy return on their time.

We hope your return was as rewarding too, and as you fully dive into your re-invented routine, remember to re-imagine new ways to have fun, save money, and spend quality time with the ones who matter most. And if you come up with a stellar savings tip, share it with us!

Our July challenge is just around the corner, so stay tuned for that and if you haven’t already, catch up on our latest Ask Lisa post!

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