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August Challenge Check-in: Squeeze Out the Summer Savings

This month’s challenge is all about budgeting and buying smart for a little extra cash.

We kicked things off by saving money and getting a return as we planned out more moments for the season.

So how did we do in our quest to start squeezing out the summer savings?


Buy smart, save more

With apps like Flipp and UGO Wallet, we came out of the challenge kick-off armed with tools that help us plan for more savings.

Our team at stnce took the online efficiency and rewards reminders to heart; and here’s how they did!

As a co-host for a family BBQ this past weekend, there were certain items I knew I needed to keep the family fed. Normally I would go to the grocery store closest to my house, but I decided to use Flipp to see if anything was on sale. It turns out everything was on sale at a few different stores! I ended up buying the buns and hot dogs from the store near my work, the burgers at the store near the train station, and all the other toppings at the store in my neighbourhood. In the end I saved $22 and all it took was a little bit of planning!” — Malika, Copywriter at stnce


I downloaded UGO Wallet to make sure I wouldn’t forget my gas rewards card on our cross-country road trip. Before we left I checked the map, and organized all our gas fill-ups at the stations where I earn my points. By the end of the trip, I had $50 in new rewards that I’ll convert into a gift card for a store I already shop at!” — Dawn, Events Manager at stnce


We hope you found yourselves racking up the savings too, and if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, there’s plenty of time because saving is an ongoing exercise!

Now that we’ve preserved some funds in the short term, let’s think about investing in future summers.


Buy now for tomorrow

Is your patio set looking rusty? Does your lawnmower make a rattling noise?

If you’ve made it through the summer without making any big-ticket purchases, bravo! You’re making the most of past spending and squeezing out the maximum value.

By the end of summer, it might be the curtain call for some of these worn-out items, but you don’t have to wait until next year to replace them.

Most of these items featured in next year’s glossy ads will be, at most, around 20% off, but if you browse the end-of-season sales right now, you might be looking at a 40% discount. Or more.

When it comes to high-priced merchandise, any difference in discount can mean big savings, so while you’ll still be making the purchase now, think the extra savings as a bonus for next summer.

So browse online clearance deals, stroll through the back of the store where the patio clearance is hiding behind the Halloween candy display (you know it’s true), and make an investment for future summers that keeps you well under next year’s budget!

When we return in our challenge wrap-up, we’ll talk about strategic selling as a way to squeeze out extra cash, and in the meantime, make sure you check out our newest Ask Lisa column!

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