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Challenge 007: Squeeze Out the Summer Savings

As summer sizzles on into August, the focus on making each moment count means some planning and stocking up. It’s a great opportunity to use those budgeting skills we picked up in our previous challenges! While we’re at it, let’s not forget looking ahead to next summer, with hot deals on big-ticket items aplenty. But wait, there’s more! Why not turn things we may no longer need into dollars and cents to fund our end of summer fun?

Budgeting and buying smart for a little extra cash?

Get ready to squeeze out the summer savings.


Budgeting made better

From cottage weekends to picnics and everything in between, there’s a food or drink item you probably need on your way to some exciting excursions.

It’s easy to grab ‘n’ go at our nearest store when we’re often short on time, but if we did just a little pre-planning, could we end up saving a lot?

Thumbing through your weekly flyer and highlighting deals is definitely one way to do it, but don’t forget the electronic option of having every offer in the palm of your hand.

Apps like Flipp not only include e-versions of all your local weekly flyers, but they also let you sort out your favourites and make a shopping list right within the app!

A budgeted and organized shopping trip in a matter of swipes?

Point us to the first store on the list.


Reward your spending (no, really)

With all of this focused and budgeted shopping going on, there’s another way to save yourself some money, and it involves a lot of racking up.

In points. Thousands and thousands of points.

From Air Miles, PC Optimum, to points when you’re filling up the gas tank, chances are you have ample opportunities to load up your balance and save on summer purchases.

We just have to remember to carry all those cards!

Luckily for us, padding our wallets with points doesn’t have to mean a heavier wallet, thanks to apps like UGO Wallet. These apps store all your loyalty cards in one handy place, while making earning — and eventual redeeming — as easy as one, two, scan.

Now that we’re better equipped to soak up summer moments that help out our bank accounts, we’re almost ready to save even more in our challenge check-in.


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