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August Challenge Wrap-Up: Squeeze Out The Summer Savings

In this month’s challenge we’ve been focusing on budgeting and buying smart for extra cash.

So how did we do?

Let’s tally up the ways we’ve given our bank account a break, and before we wrap up, we’ve got another hot tip on how to save!


Shopping smarter

From weekly sales to bonus points, we kicked off the challenge with an eye on shopping for summer goods with discounts and freebies in mind.

Whether we used apps like Flipp to hit up stores with all the picnic supplies on sale, or had UGO Wallet to make sure we always earned points for future freebies, we were able to rack up some savings and we hope you did too!


Squeezing out next summer’s savings TODAY

New patio furniture, bicycles, lawnmowers … there comes a time when big-ticket summer items need to be replaced, but the investment in these purchases doesn’t have to feel like a painful financial hit.

In our challenge check-in we reminded ourselves of just that, as we strolled the aisles of summer clearance and scoured online sales. What we found was that the same shiny models that will fill the aisles next spring are available now at discounted end-of-season deals.

It might take a little searching to find out what’s still in stock, but if it could mean up to triple-digit savings versus next year’s start-of-season purchases?

It’s the scavenger hunt of our dreams…


The great exchange

The changing of the seasons means more than trading in your T-shirt for a sweater.

We’re talking about selling the old for some extra money, or maybe even a good old-fashioned swap!

For all those summer items in decent condition that have served their purpose in your life, there- are websites like Kijiji and Let Go that give you an easy way to sell things for a decent return. From backyard décor that doesn’t fit your latest theme to rollerblades you’ve switched out for morning hikes, you can help old products find a new home, while clearing out space and earning back some money in the process.

But wait, there’s more.

What about the throwback to the classic trading post?

Trade your volleyball for a scarf?

Sure thing.

Trade your child’s outgrown bicycle for school supplies?

Why not?

It’s possible with apps like Bunz, which offers a diverse marketplace that runs on the concept of the trade. Simply upload what you’ve got and scour what you need to find a match! It’s a great way to check off your autumn shopping list without spending a dime, while offloading items that are taking up space in your home.

Talk about the perfect balance.

Now that we’ve squeezed out some sizeable summer savings, we’ll use our next challenge to go “back to school” with investment planning. In the meantime, make sure you check out our latest Ask Lisa column!

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