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Take Back Talk Back Episode 5 – Badass Equality

Mike Cameron

Mike Cameron, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Human Being

In our fifth episode, we chat with Mike Cameron about mens’ role in supporting women-led initiatives. We discuss what equality really means, the common misconception that men should not be a part of women-led empowerment, how to be a true “badass”, and the key ways men can work alongside women to ensure gender equality is achieved. Click here for the full episode.

Our top three takeaways from Mike Cameron:

There are lessons to be learned everywhere

“I talk about the importance of looking for the lessons in all of our experiences, because I do deeply believe that there are lessons available if we can stay open to them. You know, for me, back you know way back when I was 18 years old, I started my illustrious career bagging steer manure. And, you know, it was it was it wasn’t exactly what I would call a career path. But eventually, you know, I was there for eight years. I worked my way out of the warehouse, eventually started selling garden supplies. It was a garden supply wholesale company. And what I realized at that time was that nobody buys a bag of steer manure because they want to own a bag of shit. We buy steer manure because we ultimately want that feeling that we’re going to get when we plant that beautiful rosebush, grow that vegetable garden. So, you know, again, as my career progressed, I ended up moving into the finance business, as you said. But I realized that my customers bought on emotion, justified by logic. And so I started doing a little bit more research on that. And, you know, as I became a business owner, founded my business, I realized that my staff, my team, they also not only did they buy based on emotion, but we make decisions as human beings. We make decisions based on emotion. And I really honed in on that to sort of enhance my skills, my business skills and really look for how do I a) create that emotional connection with my customer, and b) create something that my team could get emotional about, could get passionate about, could get excited about. And so I really started taking those lessons.” – Mike Cameron

How to be a financial badass

“I’m certainly not a financial expert, but when we talk about money, I always think of our relationship with money and that emotional connection because, I mean, let’s face it, money is a very emotional thing and it’s one of the things that I’ve been able to reflect on personally, because I have and I hate to admit this, and I don’t admit this often, but I have a terrible or I have had a terrible relationship with money. I’ve recognized in the last I don’t know, maybe even only as recently as the last three to five years that my emotional relationship with money has not been great. And I still unpack that a little bit and I’m not entirely sure what that is. But, yeah, there’s definitely some kind of fear sitting there. And so, you know, when we talk about how do you be a bad ass with your money, I really do think it’s about having that courage to sit down. And spend some time you know for me, I started a practice I called “Money Monday” and I would sit down and just look at my bank accounts, look at where my money is going, look at what’s coming in, look at what’s not. And actually try and actively make some decisions around that, rather than just burying my head in the sand and keeping moving forward, just having the courage to look at your and assess your real picture is what I would say it means to be a badass in the context of dealing with your finances and your money.” – Mike Cameron

How many nights until overnight success?

“I hear that a lot, you know, “oh so and so is just lucky” or “so and so did this”. You know what I kind of feel like so and so probably worked their ass off for a very long time to all of a sudden. So maybe you just heard about them yesterday. That doesn’t mean they started working yesterday. They’ve been working at this for a very long time. And when it comes to our money, you know, that’s especially true … I talk about creating a life by design rather than by default, and how do we actually be intentional about the things that we want. And this comes back to the having the courage to actually look at your bank account once a week and see is it going down? Is it going up? Are there reasons it’s going down that they that shouldn’t exist? And how can we get intentional with our spending? How do we get intentional with our savings? How do we get intentional about the behaviors that we take? And again, coming back to that understanding that it’s the emotion that drives those behaviors.” – Mike Cameron

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