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Take Back Talk Back Episode 1 – Financial confidence for women

Andrew Moor - President and CEO of Equitable Bank

Andrew Moor – President and CEO of Equitable Bank

In the inaugural episode of the Take Back Talk Back podcast, we sit down with Equitable Bank CEO, Andrew Moor. We discuss how stnce came to fruition, why Andrew was immediately on board, and how women today can take control of their financial futures. Click here for the full episode

Our top three takeaways from Andrew Moor:

Junk the jargon

“There’s a lot of jargon that we use that isn’t helpful and it’s frankly unnecessary. So when I think about it that way, there is definitely a way to make it feel more inclusive … we’re trying to provide the solutions and help people really understand what they’re getting into when they get themselves into a financial product. So that’s really where stnce came from in the first place.”

If you don’t know, ask!

“This is not just one month a year, to be promoting the idea that we need to be getting to be broadening our understanding of financial matters. It’s frankly a lifelong journey … as you get into retirement, so on, that there are also things that need to be understood … I think clearly empowering yourself for life’s journey is really important, and us helping us as a bank, helping women in particular follow that life’s journey.”

Don’t let you be the reason your dreams are put on hold

“Having money in a bank account is actually an important thing to be able to enable your dreams … whether it’s going off to graduate school or traveling to someplace where you think that you’re going to find a certain path in life. Those are critical things … it’s not really about amassing wealth in a sort of flamboyant way to buy trivial things. It’s about fundamental things …  Way too often you meet people whose dreams have been held back a little bit by the lack of financial management through the process. They’ve actually worked hard but made some financial errors that that that constrain them from really reaching their full potential, potentially the full happiness, you know those kinds of things. So I think it’s really important that we think about that and actually feel sort of empowered and confident with money so that it’s it’s a positive in people’s lives as opposed to a negative. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of it there to make that true, as long as it’s sort of under control, you’re working with it honestly.”

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