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What is a RRSP?

It’s RRSP season. Or at least that’s what our expert ambassadors tell us. If you’re ready to do something with your hard-earned cash, now’s the time. We’ve put together some of their advice to get you started. Click it, read it, talk about it, it’s all good.


Rubina Ahmed-Haq

In an interview with CBC Radio, “RRSP or TFSA?,” and an article with Debt.ca, “TFSA vs. RRSP: Where to Start Saving for Retirement,” she says Canadians should look at all options for retirement savings before they decide where to put their money before the RRSP deadline.

From her blog, in “Women Need to Save More for Retirement“, she asks us to recognize that the retirement gender gap exists.

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Desirae Odjick

A Millennial’s Guide to the RRSP” is inspired by “I’ve gotten more questions and confused, glazed stares when I talk to other millennials about the RRSP than just about anything.”


How Not To Choose Between a TFSA and an RRSP” comes with this pro tip: “Use them right, and you could save thousands of dollars in taxes every year, and set yourself up for a pretty sweet retirement. Use them wrong, and…”


Jessica Moorhouse

5 Misconceptions About RRSPs I Bet You (or Your Friend) Didn’t Know comes with a tax prep checklist and debunked things about RRSPs even we didn’t know. #learntsomethingnewtoday

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