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Take Back Talk Back Episode 2 – Use your voice!

Jam Gamble, CEO of Slay The Mic

Jam Gamble, CEO of Slay The Mic

In our second episode, we sit down with Jam Gamble, media personality and speaker who encourages everyone to #SLAYTHEMIC. We discuss why fear arises around public speaking, especially as women, and how to overcome it. We also dive into how to tap into your personal power so you can speak up, use your voice, and make the change you want to see in your life and the world around you. Click here for the full episode.

Our top three takeaways from Jam Gamble:

Confidence is not always being the loudest person in the room

“I think people have a misconception about what is confidence and what confidence looks like and what confidence sounds like. And I think we think that confidence is the loudest person, the most extroverted person, the risk taker, the daredevil, all those types of things. When you are also confident, even if you’re introverted, you are confident, even if you’re not the loudest person in the room. Even if you’re at a whisper. That doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean you’re not confident. That just means that maybe what you’re talking about right now requires you to sound like that or you’re learning how to build your voice … When we think about confidence, it’s either you’re not confident or you’re confident. There’s no I’m on my way to becoming confident. I’m on my way to loving myself and and putting myself out there. We just look at that finish line. So if we paid more attention to the middle parts, then I think that’s how we would help society change their perception, their mindset on what a confident woman looks and sounds like.”

Celebrate your accomplishments

“I think, again, is that we put other people’s feelings before our own. And the first feeling that should be on the table is how proud we are of ourselves. And it’s OK to be proud of yourself. It’s OK to shine brightly and talk about it until you’re blue in the face. Like, do we tell fireworks just to pop lightly? No, we expect fireworks to do a big old bang. So why can’t we be a big old bang too, like you did something!”

Don’t rely on your partner to control your finances

“I think what I was so focused on was getting myself to be debt free then I wasn’t thinking about anything else when it came to finances. So now that I’m debt free, I know I need to educate myself on making sure I’m good, because as much as we’re a partnership, I’m an individual. My money is my money. We have our money. Don’t talk to me about my money as long as things are paid off. But I do want to feel secure enough that I could go into the bank or I could go into situations and I could carry my own conversation. And he doesn’t have to be my backup vocalist. So I know I have more work, but in general for women, again, ask yourself if things were to change drastically tomorrow, how safe do you feel? If you don’t feel safe? Start Googling.”

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