Taking Financial Ownership

1-Year Later: A Letter From Our Founder

It’s incredible to think that we are already celebrating the first anniversary of stnce. What began as a conversation in a hallway grew into an organization with a mission to inspire women to confidently take ownership of their finances.

Our journey began with a personal realization.I’m a Senior VP at a bank and a confident woman – I have no inhibitions about taking a bull by the horns – but I was allowing my husband (who is also my financial advisor) to manage my investments with little input from me.  I started to wonder why was I taking a backseat, when I had the knowledge and capacity to learn and take control of my own financial future. Not only that, but was I the only woman having this experience?

While some of us may not be the sole financial decision-maker right now, many of us will be at some point.

From speaking with a number of women, our hunch was there was a knowledge gap when it came to finances. So, to validate our feeling, we conducted research, both within Equitable Bank and the general public.

The results were interesting;compared to men, Canadian women are significantly less confident about their financial knowledge, but the gap in their actual financial knowledge was not nearly as significant.

Our mission drove us to find answers to the overarching question: what is holding women back? We knew we had to do something to help fix this confidence gap, and that’s when stnce was born.

Over the past year, stnce has worked hard to provide women with a forum for open and honest conversation, to share resources and tools through an online community and inspire women to take ownership of their finances with confidence. In collaboration with several successful Canadian women, we have discussed prenups, mental health and money, tough financial conversations with parents and partners,changing careers,and even parenthood. We also brought together hundreds of women in Toronto and Vancouver to hear from some true trailblazers on how to own your confidence, take risks and lead your financial future.

We’ve accomplished a lot in our first year, and we’ve only just begun….

In 2019 and beyond, we will continue to create opportunities to bring women of all walks of life together online and in-person to inspire and learn from each other. It’s time to build each other up, and grab our financial future. It’s ours for the taking.

Now, #showyourstnce with confidence.

Kim Kukulowicz

Founder, stnce

SVP, Marketing and Residential Sales, Equitable Bank

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