Taking Financial Ownership

Holding ourselves to a higher standard.

We’ve been talking a lot about how confidence is essential to long-term financial success. Here’s how we got there.

According to a 2017 Financial Literacy Study by Environics, roughly a third of a group of women felt confident about their financial knowledge yet two-thirds of the same group proved to have a considerable grasp on the subject. In other words, many of them were underestimating their abilities and felt they needed to hold themselves to a higher standard.

Environics Research Financial Literacy StudyAccording to the same study, only half the group felt confident about financial planning and budgeting. When it came to investing and macro-factor influences, the number came down to a fifth. On the upside, topics with the lowest confidence score were the ones of highest interest. The topics included money and transactions, investment, borrowing, risk and protection, and the financial landscape.

It seemed odd to us that though there’s an interest, there appears to be very little demand. We realized that current platforms aren’t inclusive enough and do not address challenges that women face.

Enter Stnce. An initiative that makes taking financial ownership relatable, refreshing and honest.

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