Taking Financial Ownership

We launch.

We did it! Today, we announced our platform at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference – a two-day event for anyone with a passion for learning more about finance. Some of the speakers at the conference included, Michele Romanow, Kelley Keehn, Rubina Ahmed-Haq, Caroline Cakebread, Ann Kaplan, Melissa Leong, Jessica Moorhouse, and Shannon Lee Simmons.

Kim Kukulowicz, Vice President at Equitable Bank of Residential Sales and Partner Relations, represented Stnce and [opened the conversation with,

“When it comes to finances, the missing piece is confidence, not knowledge.” 

It seems simple but confidence plays a big role in our ability to make leaps and take action, not just when it comes to finance. More confidence gives us more motivation to ask questions about money and how we could invest it. It also encourages us to challenge ourselves if we don’t understand something. And it pushes us to seek advice when we need it.

Kim ended with, “Confidence opens doors, and it can affect so much in your life. With confidence, you become more open to challenge. … It gives you the foundation to build leadership skills and feel good about taking ownership.

It’s an area where I feel our platform can make a valuable contribution.”

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